Moving Beyond Trauma: Small group for women

Moving Beyond Trauma:    

Small group for women

If you’ve experienced trauma—whether as a result of common life events like accidents or abusive personal relationships or extraordinary experiences—you may find that pain and emotional unease you feel don’t go away over time.  In fact, they may get worse.  But the trauma you experienced lies in the unchangeable past.  Because of your strength or perseverance, you survived, and now the rest of your life stretches before you.  How do you want to live it?  This group is about living well after a traumatic event.  

Where: Journeys Counseling Services (Peebles Plaza) 

When:  Contact Tammy at (814)343-1150 for day and time.

Please call (814)343-1150 for further information or to join.
If you are unable to attend the Tuesday morning group due to employment, etc. -- please call.  An evening group will be added if there is enough interest.